Want To Work A Union Building Job? 3 Tips On How To Work In The Union

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When searching for a new job, consider looking for a union job. Union jobs often provide you with better wages, more benefits, and great job safety than non-union jobs. Union jobs in the construction world will help keep you safe, while ensuring you are paid a fair wage for the work you do. If you want a union job in the construction industry, you need to focus your job search.

#1 Look into Apprenticeship Programs

Many unions sponsor apprenticeship programs within the construction industry, which is a great place to start if you don't have experience in the construction industry yet. Apprenticeship programs are common in industries such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and pipe fitting.

If you don't have a lot of knowledge or skill, starting an apprenticeship where you will get the training you need, and then gain access to union jobs when you finish your apprenticeship, is a great way to get an in to high-paying union jobs. Getting supportive training can help you excel as you advance through the specific specialty you choose within the construction industry.

#2 Look at Union Job Boards

There are many different jobs boards online that focus on specific industries. With a little googling, you can find job boards for national and local construction unions. Most of these job boards are associated with the union's main website. Looking at job sites that are geared specifically towards union members is a great way to find a union job. With a union job board, you can sort by specific job types, length, and pay.

#3 Look into Union Companies

Finally, there are certain big companies that are associated with specific unions. On some company websites, they will list if they work with specific unions to fill jobs. You may learn about other companies that are affiliated with certain unions just by asking around. Word of mouth can be a great way to find these job opportunities.

Be sure to look into the union requirements. In some instances, you will need to join the union before you can be hired onto a union job and in other instances, you can join the union once you are hired onto the job. This can vary from job to job and union to union. If you have a particular union that is really strong in your area, you may want to join the union first before you dive hard into your job search.

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