Beware Of These Common Siding Installation Mistakes

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Siding is one of the most important aspects of the beauty of your home. If you make a mistake when installing siding, you'll notice the mistakes whenever you come home. There are several mistakes in particular that you'll want to avoid. 

Not Inspecting Your Home

Prior to having the siding installed on your home, you'll want your home to be inspected. Otherwise, you might discover that you have problems with your home that will require that your siding be partially removed to address it. For example, you'll want to make sure that the area near your gutters does not have any gaps where water can enter into your home. 

Not Carefully Choosing the Siding

Put a lot of time into choosing the right style and color for your siding installation. For example, when the door and windowsills have a darker color, you'll want to choose a lighter color. Use a bolder color when the exterior is filled with lighter tones. 

Choosing a Cheap Option

Be careful when trying to save money on your siding. If you are looking for a long-term solution for your siding, choosing the least expensive option is more likely to cost you money in the long-run because the siding won't last as long. Your siding will be exposed to the elements, so you'll want to choose high-quality siding. 

Installing the Siding Too Tightly

Make sure that the siding is not installed too tightly. Siding needs room to move. This can lead to rot and can lead to wet wood underneath your siding. If this is not taken care of, it might lead to structural damage. Make sure that the siding is perfectly level, since this is one of the most common causes of gaps in siding. 

Not Nailing the Siding Properly

Your siding needs to be nailed correctly or it will not be secure. For example, the siding needs to be nailed on each stud of your home. If you pull on the siding and it feels a little loose, it is not nailed correctly. Also, the siding should not shake a little bit. Make sure that you don't see any nail heads. 

One of the most common problems that are faced with siding are ugly touch-ups. The sheen of a touch-up often doesn't match because the siding is cured in a factory. The contractors need to paint the siding so that the new siding matches with the rest of the home. Fortunately, when working with siding installation services, your siding will look professional.