Keeping Your Commercial Building Comfortable With a New HVAC System

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Commercial buildings often house retail and office spaces that need to be comfortable for people to visit or work in. Heating and cooling these spaces is handled with a commercial HVAC system. Still, if the one on your building is old and not performing well, you may want to consider replacing it. 

Keeping Your Space Comfortable

Commercial spaces often have high ceilings and are harder to heat and cool than a house or smaller structure, so the HVAC unit used to keep the space comfortable needs to be larger and more efficient. In addition, if the system in your building is older, it may no longer be able to produce the amount of heat or AC needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the space. 

In some situations, repairing the system is enough. Even still, as the commercial HVAC system starts to age, it is often harder to get parts and keep the system running at its peak performance, and replacing the entire unit may be the only way to ensure it will do the job you need. 

If the HVAC system is not working correctly in your building, a commercial HVAC service can come and evaluate the system and recommend a course of action. In many cases, a new commercial HVAC installation is the best solution and can save you money through lower opening costs in the long run. 

Replacing The System

When it is time to replace the HVAC unit, the contractor will arrange to have the new unit brought to your location and schedule a crane to lift it into place. The rooftop units common on commercial buildings are heavy, so typically, a crane will lift the old unit off the roof and then put the new unit in its place. 

If the roof flange for both units is the same, the contractor can put the new HVAC unit in place, and the old ductwork in the building can be reused. The entire replacement can be done in a single day, and the result will be a better running HVAC unit for your space. If you are concerned about timing for the replacement, talk to the contractor, but in most situations, the work is done before the workday starts to limit disturbances to the office or retail space. 

For more information about commercial HVAC installation services, contact a local HVAC contractor near you in order to learn more.