Have An Enormous Kitchen? Remodel It To Fill In The Empty Space

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When you first looked at your home while house hunting, you may have noticed that the kitchen was large, but at the same time did not use much space. Now as the homeowner, it may have the standard essentials that you expect to find, but you may still have more than enough space to walk around. If you want this to change, you should hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to start brainstorming some ideas:

Extend the Countertop Edge

One way to get more functional space out of the kitchen is to extend the countertop edge. An extra inch or two of countertop surface can make a huge difference, especially in the areas where you have small appliances laying out. It can provide you with enough space to put a cutting board in front of an appliance such as a coffee maker or blender, which is helpful for making use of every part of the countertop. It may be necessary to install new countertops for this addition to work, so you will need to figure out whether you want to replace it or just get the extended part on the new counters that you add to the kitchen.

Enlarge the Cabinets

The cabinets in the kitchen stick out to a certain degree, but having this depth is important for adding storage. Shallow cabinets are tough to use as they only allow you to store medium-sized plates and two or three glasses lined up. Going a bit larger may make it possible to put large plates and even four glasses in a line, which is perfect because you have enough room to spare for the extra depth of the cabinets.

Add an Island

One project that will contribute to using up a great deal of empty space in the kitchen is adding an island. Since it is possible to custom build an island and make it so that it perfectly meshes with your kitchen, you do not have to worry about things getting in the way. For instance, you can build an island with enormous cabinets and more counter space than your kitchen has altogether if the space is large enough. This is an ideal project because it does not require you to remove or replace anything throughout the kitchen.

Owning a huge kitchen can be a little overwhelming at times, but taking on some or all these projects will help you mold the space into something that works incredibly well for your family. Contact local kitchen remodeling services for more information and assistance.