3 Roofing Options Compared

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There are few remodels that are as effective as updating your roof. Not only will completely change how your home looks, it will improve the efficiency of your property. Of course, not all roofing products are the same, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. This article looks at and compares three of the most popular options for residential roofing.

Clay Tile

Clay tile is a roofing option that has been around for many years. Often called Spanish style, because of its origins, it is a stylish and practical choice. Most clay roof tiles have an upside U shape. This creates a channeled pattern on your roof when it is fully installed. It also makes it easier for water to drain down the channels between each row.

When it comes to clay tile, you can find raw or glazed products. Raw tiles have no finish or sheen. Many people love this because it looks more natural. When a raw tile gets wet, it becomes darker. Glazed tiles are usually darker because of the glazing. The glazed finish as gives them a slight sheen. Most importantly, it protects the clay and makes it even more durable. With a glazed clay tile, you don't need to worry about color fading or water damage. Clay tiles are great choice and the should last over 50 years with little maintenance.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are loved for their style. Wood is a natural, yet durable product. At about 25 years, wood has a relatively short lifespan. Of course, the wood used for exterior roofing is tempered for water resistance, but it will still need some extra care over the years. Wood is susceptible to termite damage and dry rot if it is not properly maintained.

Asphalt Tiles

Of the three options on this list, asphalt tiles are usually considered to be the least attractive. They basically look like sandpaper. Asphalt tiles come in a range of colors, but the style is not going to win many admirers. Nonetheless, it is an extremely cheap and durable choice. Asphalt tiles are synthetic and waterproof, so they are very easy to take care of. They are also very light and thin, which means you save a lot of money on the installation.

Any of these three options could be suitable for your home. Just choose the product that fits into your budget and matches with your home style. For more information on new roof installation, contact services like American Icon Home Improvements.