Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For A Mobile Home

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Giving your mobile home's bathroom a makeover can help to keep your space feeling comfortable and inviting. If you are considering giving your bathroom an update, here are a few ideas you can consider in your mobile home.

Corner Shower Installation

In some mobile home bathrooms, space may be limited. If your bathroom is short on space, removing the tub and adding a corner shower can free up room and make the bathroom feel larger. Work with your contractor to create a corner shower with a frameless glass door, and have the rest of the tub area finished with new tile on the floor and walls.. This project also gives you a great excuse to add a new floor to the room, as you'll already be adding new flooring to a portion of the room.

Water Heater Cabinet Update

Some older mobile homes may have the hot water heater in the bathroom. If yours doesn't already have a cabinet, you can have your contractor custom build one that matches your vanity. You can also have your contractor build a replacement if your existing cabinet is old and worn. If you need additional storage space in the bathroom, have the contractor build a matching cabinet next to the one holding the hot water heater, which you can use for storing toiletries and linens. Even if you don't have a water heater in the bathroom, having custom cabinets installed can offer a great option for storage in your bathroom.

Corner Tub Refresh

Corner tubs are sometimes used in mobile home master bathrooms to bring a bit of luxury to the space without taking up too much room. If you already have a corner tub in your bathroom, consider giving it a quick update. You can have your contractor refinish the tub to give it a new look, and add some custom details to make the room look truly luxurious. For example, you can have plantation-style blinds installed that run from he top of the tub to the ceiling to create the illusion of extra windows in the room. You can even have your contractor install LED lighting behind the blinds that mimic sunlight. Other options might include adding a corner shelving unit to display soaps and lotions or to install steps leading up to the tub for a grand appearance.

Talk to your contractor about the different features you want in your bathroom, and use these ideas as inspiration as you give your mobile home a makeover. You can also contact companies like AKM Building Systems Inc.