How to Get a Crane When Yours Just Went Kaput

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Cranes are often an invaluable piece of machinery when you are constructing a bridge or anything over two stories high. Of course, because they are machines, they will eventually break down. If your construction company only has one crane, and it goes down, your deadlines suffer, as does your wallet. Eliminate that hassle by renting a crane through mobile crane service. Here is how the process works.

1. Call the Crane Rental Company and Request the Crane You Want

You may have to call more than one crane rental service if the first one or two rental companies do not have any of the type of crane you want available. Usually, you can obtain the crane you need from either the first or second rental service you call. Unless there is a very large bridge and several overpasses under construction in your area, you should be able to get a boom crane, crawler crane, or barge crane with little trouble. Arrange for the rental company to drive the crane to your location. Be sure to provide special parking and/or drop-off instructions for the delivery driver.

2. Sign the Rental Agreement the Delivery Driver Gives You

When the delivery driver pulls up with your rental crane, he or she will have a set of rental papers you need to sign. Make sure everything is in order, that you understand the terms of the rental, and that you provide your payment information (e.g., debit or credit card as required by the crane rental agency). The driver will release the crane to the ground, and then drive away.

3. Anticipate Your Payment Charges on Day One

Given that you are renting a very expensive piece of construction equipment, you should not be surprised by the fact that the crane rental company will charge you a security deposit on the first day, along with the daily charges for the first day, on the first day. Should you return the crane in less than a day (or less than one business day), you will not be charged further for any more rental days. The deposit is often refundable upon return and receipt of the crane. The deposit also covers any minor damage to the crane while it is in your possession.

4. Call for a Pick-up When You Are Done

If you get your own crane fixed and ready for use, you can return the rental crane whenever you want. To return the crane, you just call the rental company and tell them you are finished using the crane. The company sets up an appointment to pick up the crane, and that is it.

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