3 Ways To Upgrade Your Breakroom

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If your breakroom is dingy, dated, and depressing, your staff is likely to avoid spending any real time in it. This is a wasted opportunity since a nice breakroom is a place for your employees to take much-needed mental breaks during the day, not to mention socialize and form stronger bonds with each other. A break room that is comfortable, nicely designed, and an overall pleasant place to spend time can be a big morale booster around the office. If you are considering investing in a few breakroom upgrades, keep these ideas in mind:

Upgrade Your Commercial Cabinets

If your breakroom cabinets are the same old laminate cabinets that came with your office many years ago, it may be time for an upgrade. High-quality commercial cabinets are designed to be both beautiful and functional. Picture gleaming dark wood cabinets with brushed nickel handles, where you can neatly stash your office dishes, coffee mugs, and drinkware. If you have your commercial cabinets custom built, you can easily incorporate extra features like a mini fridge, coffee station, and built-in microwave as well.

Improve Your Lighting

If your current lighting is of the harsh, flickering, fluorescent variety, updating it will have a huge effect on the overall feeling and look of your breakroom. Having under-cabinet lights added when your commercial cabinets are installed will help pull the look of your breakroom together.

Recessed overhead lighting with LED bulbs is a stylish yet practical choice since the recessed lights don't take up any space and the LED bulbs are long-lasting and use very little energy. If you add smart lighting, you and your office manager can even control the lighting from your phones when needed.

Add Comfortable Seating

Hard plastic chairs only encourage your employees to head back to their desks as soon as possible. Updating to more comfortable seating options will make your breakroom much more welcoming. Upholstered chairs or even booths are great options. If you have the space, you may even want to add a sofa where staff members can relax and chat with each other or read a book on their breaks. Being so comfortable on their breaks will ensure your team members go back to their desks feeling refreshed and ready to take on more projects.

By spending time and money upgrading your office breakroom, you will show your staff you really care about their comfort and happiness at work. This investment can really pay off in improved morale and productivity around the workplace.