Pay Attention To Your Roof – Signs To Look For To Know When Repairs Are Needed

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Since roofing materials are made to last so many years before needing replaced, it can be easy to allow the roof of your home to go unattended for quite a while. If you've neglected your roofing and need to determine if it's time for repairs or replacement, keep reading. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you determine if your roofing is good to go or needs some help.


How does the roofing look from the ground below? Do you see moss or algae growing? Are there piles of debris in the valleys? Are there plants growing in your gutters? Are there any other noticeable defects that you see?

Sometimes, all it takes is one quick look to see that a roof is failing. If you have a combination of any of the above issues, chances are pretty good that your roofing will need some professional attention.


If you are sure-footed and in the physical condition to go up on your roof, you can see more problem spots if you climb on up there. Before you go climbing up on the roof, make sure that the ladder is safe for use – no broken or weak pieces – and that it is securely planted on a solid surface. Put on a pair of rubber soled shoes or boots – something with good traction. Make sure that someone is home so that if there's an accident, you have someone to call for help.

Now, as you walk the roof, do your best to lift and place your feet firmly – don't shift them around, or you'll remove the gritty finish of the shingles. Do you feel any softer areas of the roof? If so, stay away from that area and walk carefully away.


While you're up on the roof, take a look at the shingles themselves. Are they missing the gritty finish? Are they torn or lifted in any area? How are the seals around the vents, chimney, and skylights? If you find any damage or notice that the shingles don't have much grit left on them, it's time to get a professional asphalt roofing specialist out on your roof for help.

Don't let your roofing get away from you. If you keep up with minor repairs and pay attention for signs that it's time for a replacement, you'll avoid lots of water damage that will begin at the top of your home and work its way to the foundation. Contact your asphalt roofing specialist for assistance.