5 Signs It’s Time to Ask For Landscaping Material Delivery

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When it comes to getting landscaping materials, a lot of folks like to pick items up themselves. There does come a point on professional or even personal projects, though, where it might be better to ask for landscaping material delivery services. If you're seeing these five signs, it might be time to place that call.

Project Delays

You're going to have some kind of a schedule for most projects, even personal ones. While it might be fine to lose a few hours on a Saturday to pick up materials, the time adds up quickly. That's especially the case with professional landscaping work.

Ultimately, you have to do the basic math. Are the delays worth any savings you might achieve by handling the work yourself? Even with companies that charge for deliveries, you'll find the cost in terms of aggravation, fuel, and wear and tear on your vehicle is rarely worth it.

You Can't Safely Do the Job

Some jobs are just too large for the vehicles you have. Yes, you can usually convince a light pickup to haul a ton of gravel, but it gets iffy the heavier you go. If your vehicle is struggling to pull the load, just ask a landscaping material delivery provider for help.

Every state has weight restrictions on what different vehicle stickers allow, too. If you didn't register your vehicle for pulling several tons, you may not legally be able to transport your materials. Also, most state troopers don't care if you're an amateur landscaper or not. Safety comes before forgiveness when it comes to heavy loads.

Losing Materials in Transit

Most folks don't want to see their materials trailing behind them when they go down the road. Soil, for example, isn't always the most cooperative material. Some materials, such as heavy gravels, also pose hazards to other vehicles if anything goes flying. Let the landscaping material delivery company take on the liability.

On-Site Shortages

If you're looking at the materials you have on-site and wondering where it all went, you may need to call for a delivery. Some projects just eat loads of materials, and running out is never a good thing. If you're seeing an on-site shortage, call for some deliveries.


Some landscaping items are just awkward. Bushes, shrubs, and trees can be cumbersome. The same goes for hardscaping features like large rocks. Even barrier materials in roll form can be challenging to secure and transport if you need a lot of footage.