3 Things To Know About Composite Decking Material

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Are you getting ready to build a deck around your home, but not sure what material you should use? You may find that composite decking material is the best choice for the following reasons. 

Scratch Resistance 

Your deck is going to see a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially when it comes to scratches from dragging deck furniture across the surface. You'll find that composite wood is going to be the most scratch-resistant among deck materials. While natural woods like cedar are going to scratch quite easily, the composite wood is going to require more force to create a scratch that will be as noticeable.

It is also possible to repair scratches with a composite deck with a heat gun. It won't look perfect, but scratches can really disappear from the material by using targeted heat. 

Stain Resistance

The top layer of composite decking material will form a nice seal that protects it from staining that you typically see on a deck. If you are the type of person that entertains on your deck, you're going to have people spilling food all over the place. Composite decking can be wiped down with some soap and water to clean the surface, and the food will not absorb into the material. 

The same cannot be said for natural wood decks. While a sealant can help protect the wood, the sealant will eventually wear off. Someone spilling red wine or ketchup on the deck can definitely leave a stain that is going to last, especially if it is not cleaned up in time. 

Minimal Maintenance

A nice thing about having a composite wood deck is that it will require minimal maintenance over the years to keep it looking great. You do not need to sand and stain a composite deck to keep the material in pristine condition. All you really need to do is wash the surface when you notice that it is dirty. 

However, keep in mind that you cannot change the color of a composite deck because of this. The color that you purchase is the color that will remain for the life of the deck. Make sure that you pick a color that you like because you'll have to stick with it. 

Not sure if a composite deck is right for you? Reach out to a professional deck contractor in your area for more information on composite deck material.