Why A Concrete Patio Might Be Better For Your Backyard Than One Made Of Stone Or Brick Pavers

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If you want a patio for your backyard so you have a stable place for a grill and room to relax in lawn chairs, call a concrete flatwork contractor for a quote and help installing the patio.

You'll probably want a concrete contractor to put in your patio using ready mix, since that will be so much easier than trying to put in a patio yourself. Here are reasons why a concrete patio is often still the best choice over pavers and natural stones.

Concrete Is More Affordable And Easier To Install

Concrete is one of the more affordable options for building a patio. That's why it's a popular choice. It's also easier for the contractor to install.

Pavers and natural stones can cost more than concrete. Plus, they are more labor intensive to install. Rather than being poured like concrete, the stones have to be put in place individually. Building a concrete patio is a matter of having ready mix delivered and poured so the cement can be spread around.

Concrete Is Easier To Maintain Than Pavers

Concrete doesn't have individual joints filled with sand that can grow weeds like pavers do. A paver patio can be overrun with weeds if you don't keep up with pulling weeds or using herbicides. A concrete patio is a single solid slab, so there are no joints to keep clean. Plus, if you put a coating on the concrete, the patio will be even easier to keep clean and free from stains.

Concrete is also fairly easy to repair. Sunken pavers and stones are a common problem with paver patios, and the sunken area can be a serious trip hazard. Making repairs isn't simple since the pavers have to be removed so the base can be repaired before new pavers are installed.

If a concrete slab sinks, it can be repaired by injecting poly foam or cement slurry through a hole in the concrete that raises the slab until it's level again. The repairs are fast and easy. Filling cracks is easy too, as long as you do it when the cracks are small and easy to fill with crack filler.

Concrete Can Take On An Upscale Appearance

If you don't like the plain look of a basic concrete slab, talk to your concrete contractor about how you can make the patio more attractive. They might recommend staining or stamping. These finishing touches make the patio more expensive, but your patio will have more glamour.

You can have shapes and colors added to the concrete mix before it's dry so your patio will look like it's made from stone tiles, irregular stones like flagstone, or even rectangular pavers. You can let your creative side run wild since there are many shapes and colors you can mix together for a one-of-a-kind patio.

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