Why Solar Power Is Better Than Generator Backups And How Solar Installation Can Be Done

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If you've been through a hurricane or other natural disaster and have been without power for days, you may be looking into solar energy so you can create your own power. Here's why solar panels with battery storage are a good way to have power when you need it and options for solar installation.

Why Solar Power Is Better Than Generators

When you create solar power with solar panels, you don't need to rely on the power grid. However, you need a solar storage battery in order to have power when the grid is down. If your panels keep up with your demand and keep the battery full, your home will operate just like it was getting power from the grid and you won't have to do anything to help.

This is much more convenient than using gasoline batteries you have to top off with gas frequently. Solar power is much safer too. Natural gas standby generators are better than gasoline generators, but the standby generators are not nearly as good as solar power. They are meant for short-term use, and if your power is out for several days, you may need to turn the generator off occasionally and fill the oil if it gets low. Plus, generators may only supply power to a single room rather than your entire house.

How To Have Solar Panels Installed

Putting solar panels on the roof is usually the best idea since the panels will be out of the way. Plus, they should have fewer sun blocks when they're on top of your house. Solar installation can be done on all types of roofing materials and even on flat roofs.

If your roof has too much shade, you can install the panels on the ground if you have a large enough lot. If you have space where the panels will be out of the way, placing them on the ground might be a good choice if you don't like the look of the panels on your roof.

Panels may not be all that attractive, and if their look bothers you, you might want to have solar shingles installed instead. These are smaller shingles that stay flat against the roof so they look like regular roofing rather than big solar panels.

Storage batteries are optional, but if your home loses power often, you'll probably want a battery so you can have power during long outages and so your power will last through the night. The batteries usually mount on an exterior wall so they're out of the way. They aren't too bulky, so they don't detract from the appearance of your house too much.

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